audi a8 a8l s8 bumper grill grille front fog 01 02 03 2001 2003 2002 RIGHT


audi a8 a8l s8 bumper grill grille front fog 00 01 02 03 2001 2003 2002 RIGHT

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audi a8 a8l s8 bumper grill grille front fog 01 02 03 2001 2003 2002 RIGHT
These grills don’t fit smaller holes of the year 2000 audi. So somewhere there was an update from 2000 to 2001

THE PART IS MADE TO ORDER, will take up to 3 days TO MANUFACTURE for the right side
HAND MADE TO ORDER, ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK, I MAKE IT MYSELF WITHIN 3 business days after the order is placed. This auctions is for the RIGHT (passenger side) grill that I will manufacture for you, it is always in a short supply i try to keep one or 2 in stock at all times but the worst case if i don’t have it i will make it.
I am a proud owner of Audi A8L 2002, this is my audi on the pictures, and pictures shows me making FRONT BUMPER GRILL.
The ROUGH dimensions of the grill are 14″ on the top side about 12″ to 12.5″ on the bottom depends how you measure, and the top to bottom on the largest side it is 4.5″ or so tall.

0) the right hand side grill you will probably need to secure with the screw to the top of the bumper, it is EXACTLY LIKE AN OEM FITMENT AND LOOK but on my car for some reason the grill has nothing to grab onto on the top and it sits there but I am afraid it will fall off the next time you will come to the parking brick, so PLEASE screw in the screw to the top, mine is screwed in. The bottom and left and right side snap and fit in just fine, the top isn’t 100% snappable, maybe it is just my bumper.
1) I make each grill by hand, and I AM NO EXPERT IN DOING SO, This auction is for the RIGHT HAND SIDE (PASSENGER SIDE), quantity = 1
2) I am not sure about the amount of time it is going to take me to make another grill (it is all CHICAGO WEATHER DEPENDENT (good weather quick manufacturing, bad weather long drying times), so that is the reason I am saying 1 week at most, because if I can’t do another grill in 1 week I will simply refund the money back to you and please don’t leave a negative feedback. If you agree on that feel free to order.
3) The GRILL WON’T BE PERFECT (especially back side of it) please don’t leave negative feedbacks for this. Several grills for the right hand side i made look exactly like on the pictures below, they are not perfect but seems just fine from 2ft+ away, but the front looks good, the BACK which will face your car looks horrible but your car is the only thing that look into it from the back. ALL PICTURES ARE THE GRILLS I MADE
4) The one I made for myself was made of white plastic, I already have BLACK plastic so the item will be black by default so no need to paint anything and it should have a matte look. It might have some portions added in green or white that will be touched up with black paint, you might see some discolorations
10) Please make sure your bumper looks like my audi 2002, i am sure it is exactly the same as 2001 and 2003, maybe 2000 and 1999 but not 100% about that.
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11) If you need both grills LEFT AND RIGHT, let me know I will give you a discount.
12) ALL GRILLS I MAKE WON’t BE PERFECT, but from 2-3 feet nobody would notice.
13) INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS PLEASE select international shipping at the checkout. Will ship to you by postal service.
14) U.S. clients, I will ship to you by UPS ground once product is dry.