N148 N128 N140 N150 NB30 Samsung DC power port


N148 N150 NB30 N128 N140 laptop dc power connector power port power socket power input. Piece inside of the notebook laptop where your power plug plugs into N148 Samsung DC JACK fits other models as well



N148 N150 NB30 N128 N140 laptop dc power connector power port power socket power input. Piece inside of the notebook laptop where your power plug plugs into N148 Samsung DC JACK fits other models as well

Samsung NP N148 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP N148, NP N148-xxxxxx, NP N148-DPxxxx, NP N148-DP01xx, NP N148-DP02xx, NP N148-DP03xx, NP N148-DP04xx, NP N148-DP05xx, NP N148-DP06xx, NP N148-DP07xx, NP N148-DP08xx, NP N148-DP09xx, NP N148-DP0Axx, NP N148-DPSxxx, NP N148-DPS1xx, NP N148-JPxxxx, NP N148-JP02xx, NP N148-JP03xx
Samsung NP N220 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP N220, NP N220-xxxxx, NP N220-11, NP N220-HATxxx, NP N220-HAT2xx, NP N220-JAxxxx, NP N220-JA01xx, NP N220-JA02xx, NP N220-JA03xx, NP N220-JA04xx, NP N220-JBxxxx, NP N220-JB01xx, NP N220-JB02xx, NP N220-JB03xx, NP N220-JPxxxx, N220-JP01xx, N220-JP02xx, N220-JP03xx, N220-JMD1xx, N220-JMD2xx, N220-JMD3xx, N220-JMD4xx
Samsung NP QX410 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP QX410, NP QX410-xxxxx, NP QX410-J0xxx, NP QX410-J01xx, NP QX410-S0xxx, NP QX410-S01xxNP QX410-S02xx
Samsung NP QX510 series DC Power Jack Connector: NP QX510, NP QX510-xxxxx, NP QX510-S0xxx, NP QX510-S01xx, NP QX510-S02xx
Samsung NP R428 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R428, NP R428-xxxxxx, NP R428-DAxxxx, NP R428-DA01xx, NP R428-DA02xx, NP R428-DA03xx, NP R428-DA04xx, NP R428-DA05xx, NP R428-DA06xx, NP R428-DA07xx, NP R428-DBxxxx, NP R428-DB01xx, NP R428-DSxxxx, NP R428-DS01xx, NP R428-DS02xx, NP R428-DS03xx, NP R428-DS04xx, NP R428-DS05xx, NP R428-DS06xx, NP R428-DS07xx, NP R428-DS08xx, NP R428-DS09xx, NP R428-DS0Axx, NP R428-DS0Bxx, NP R428-DS0Cxx, NP R428-DS0Dxx, NP R428-DS0Exx, NP R428-DS0Fxx, NP R428-DS0Hxx, NP R428-DS0Jxx, NP R428-DS0Kxx, NP R428-DS0Lxx, NP R428-DS0Mxx, NP R428-DS0Nxx, NP R428-DS0Pxx, NP R428-DS0Qxx, NP R428-DS0Rxx, NP R428-DS0Sxx, NP R428-DS0Txx, NP R428-DS0Uxx, NP R428-DS0Vxx, NP R428-DS0Wxx, NP R428-DS0Xxx, NP R428-DS0Yxx, NP R428-DS0Zxx, NP R428-DS12xx, NP R428-DS13xx, NP R428-JTxxxx, NP R428-JT01xx
Samsung NP R429 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R429, NP R429-xxxxxx, NP R429-DSxxxx, NP R429-DS01xx, NP R429-DS02xx, NP R429-DS03xx, NP R429-DS04xx, NP R429-DS05xx, NP R429-DS06xx, NP R429-DS07xx, NP R428-DS08xx, NP R429-DS0Axx, NP R429-DS0Bxx, NP R428-D90Cxx, NP R429-DS0Exx, NP R429-DBxxxx, NP R429-DB01xx, NP R428-DTxxxx, NP R428-DT01xx, NP R429-JSxxxx, NP R429-JS01xx
Samsung NP R430 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R430, NP R430-xxxxxx, NP R430-JAxxxx, NP R430-JA01xx, NP R430-JA02xx, NP R430-JA03xx, NP R430-JA04xx, NP R430-JA05xx, NP R430-JA06xx, NP R430-JA07xx, NP R430-JA08xx, NP R430-JA09xx, NP R430-JA0Bxx, NP R430-JBxxxx, NP R430-JB01xx, NP R430-JSxxxx, NP R430-JS01xx, NP R430-JS02xx, NP R430-JS03xx, NP R430-JS04xx, NP R430-JS05xx, NP R430-JS06xx, NP R430C, NP R430E, NP R430I
Samsung NP R439 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R439, NP R439-xxxxxx, NP R439-DAxxxx, NP R439-DA01xx, NP R439-DA02xx, NP R439-DA03xx, NP R439-DA04xx, NP R439-DA05xx, NP R439-DA06xx, NP R439-DA07xx, NP R439-DA08xx, NP R439-DA09xx, NP R439-DA0Bxx, NP R439-DSxxxx, NP R439-DS07xx, NP R439-DS08xx
Samsung NP R480 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R480, NP R480-xxxxxx, NP R480-11, NP R480-I1, NP R480-I3, NP R480-I5, NP R480-JABxxx, NP R480-JAB1xx, NP R480-JAB1xx, NP R480-JAB2xx, NP R480-JTxxxx, NP R480-JT01xx, NP R480-JT02xx, NP R480-JT03xx
Samsung NP R525 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R525, NP R525-xxxxxx, NP R525-JSxxxx, NP R525-JS01xx, NP R525-JS02xx, NP R525-JS03xx, NP R525-JTxxxx, NP R525-JT01xx, NP R525-JT02xx, NP R525-JT03xx, NP R525-JT04xx, NP R525-JT05xx, NP R525-JT06xx, NP R525-JT07xx, NP R525-JT08xx, NP R525-JT09xx, NP R525-JT0Axx, NP R525-JVxxxx, NP R525-JV01xx, NP R525-JV02xx, NP R525-JV03xx, NP R525-JV04xx, NP R525-JV05xx, NP R525-JV06xx, NP R525-JV07xx, NP R525-JV08xx, NP R525-JV09xx
Samsung NP R528 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R528, NP R528-xxxxxx, NP R528-DAxxxx, NP R528-DA01xx, NP R528-DA02xx, NP R528-DA03xx, NP R528-DA04xx, NP R528-DA05xx, NP R528-DA06xx, NP R528-DA07xx, NP R528-DA08xx, NP R528-DA09xx, NP R528-DA0Axx, NP R528-DSxxxx, NP R528-DS01xx, NP R528-DS02xx, NP R528-DS03xx, NP R528-DS04xx, NP R528-DS05xx, NP R528-DS06xx, NP R528-DS07xx, NP R528-DS08xx, NP R528-DS09xx, NP R528-DS0Bxx, NP R528-DS0Cxx, NP R528-DTxxxx, NP R528-DT01xx, NP R528-DT02xx, NP R528-JSxxxx, NP R528-JS01xx, NP R528-JS02xx, NP R528-JS03xx
Samsung NP R530 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R530, NP R530-xxxxxx, NP R530-11, NP R530-JAxxxx, NP R530-JA01xx, NP R530-JA02xx, NP R530-JA03xx, NP R530-JA06xx, NP R530-JA08xx, NP R530-JA0Dxx, NP R530-JA0Hxx, NP R530-JBxxxx, NP R530-JB01xx, NP R530-JB02xx, NP R530-JB03xx, NP R530-JSxxxx, NP R530-JS01xx, NP R530-JS02xx, NP R530-JS03xx, NP R530-JS04xx
Samsung NP R540 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R540, NP R540-xxxxxx, NP R540-11, NP R540-JAxxxx, NP R540-JA01xx, NP R540-JA02xx, NP R540-JA03xx, NP R540-JA04xx, NP R540-JA05xx, NP R540-JA06xx, NP R540-JA07xx, NP R540-JA08xx, NP R540-JA09xx, NP R540-JSxxxx, NP R540-JS01xx, NP R540-JS02xx, NP R540-JS03xx, NP R540-JS04xx, NP R540-JS05xx, NP R540-JS06xx, NP R540-JS07xx, NP R540-JS08xx
Samsung NP R580 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R580, NP R580-xxxxx, NP R580-JBB1US, NP R580-JSxxxx, NP R580-JS01xx, NP R580-JS02xx, NP R580-JS03xx, NP R580-JS04xx, NP R580-JS05xx, NP R580-JS06xx, NP R580-JS07xx, NP R580-JSB1xx, NP R580-JTxxxx, NP R580-JT01xx, NP R580-JT02xx
Samsung NP R730 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R730, NP R730-xxxxxx, NP R730-JAxxxx, NP R730-JA0Axx, NP R730-JA01xx, NP R730-JA02xx, NP R730-JA03xx, NP R730-JA04xx, NP R730-JA05xx, NP R730-JA06xx, NP R730-JA07xx, NP R730-JA08xx, NP R730-JA09xx, NP R730-JBxxxx, NP R730-JB01xx, NP R730-JB02xx, NP R730-JB03xx, NP R730-JB04xx, NP R730-JB05xx, NP R730-JB06xx, NP R730-JB07xx, NP R730-JB08xx, NP R730-JB09xx, NP R730-JSxxxx, NP R730-JS01xx, NP R730-JS02xx
Samsung NP R780 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP R780, NP R780-xxxxxx, NP R780-JSxxxx, NP R780-JS0Bxx, NP R780-JS01xx, NP R780-JS02xx, NP R780-JS03xx, NP R780-JS04xx, NP R780-JS05xx, NP R780-JS1Bxx, NP R780-JTB3xx, NP R780-JTxxxx, NP R780-JT01xx, NP R780-JT02xx, NP R780-JT03xx, NP R780-JT04xx
Samsung NP RV510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP RV510, NP RV510-xxxxxx, NP RV510-A0xxxx, NP RV510-A01xx, NP RV510-A02xx, NP RV510-A03xx, NP RV510-A04xx, NP RV510-A05xx, NP RV510-A0Exx, NP RV510-JAxxxx, NP RV510-JA01xx, NP RV510-S0xxxx, NP RV510-S01xx, NP RV510-S02xx, NP RV510-S03xx, NP RV510-S04xx
Samsung NP SF510 Series DC Power Jack Connector: NP SF510, NP SF510-xxxxxx, NP SF510-A0xxx, NP SF510-A01xx, NP SF510-A02xx, NP SF510-A03xx, NP SF510-S0xxx, NP SF510-S01xx, NP SF510-S02xx, NP SF510-S03xx, NP SF510-S04xx, NP SF510-S05xx, NP SF510-S06xx

NP-QX411 Samsung NP-QX411 QX411 QX411 np-qx411-w01us jack socket input port connector DC
Samsung Series 5 All-in-One PC DC Power Jack Connector: DP 500A2D, DP 500A2D-A01xx, DP 500A2D-A02xx, DP 500A2D-K01xx, DP 500A2D-K03xx